Dear Lord,

I know that there are blessings too many to count that You would love to give me, and I know that I fail to come to You and ask for them because I limit myself. Please forgive me this day my weakness and fear and please shower on me the blessings I have not had the wisdom or courage to ask for, the blessings that You created just for me.

I know that You created me in Your image and that You have prepared for me a wonderful life and a personal destiny, I know too, Lord, that my weakness and my fear keeps me from that life, from the fullness of Your will. Forgive me, today, for staying in my small little world, for limiting myself and in so doing limiting Your glory. I pray for Your will in my life, to reflect You in all I do.

Please open Your heart to me this day, please be gracious to me, please use me, today, to carry Your blessings into the world I live in. Please expand my world to include all that You would have me see, please use me, mold me and strengthen me to be Your true disciple. Please bless me, Lord, so fully, that I can see Your hand as clearly as my own. Please bless me, and grant me confidence and assurance that You are with me, that the path I follow is the path You have laid out for me. Please use me and bless me in this journey, so that I can be called Your child. Please forgive me my hesitations, my doubts, my fears.

Bless me, expand my influence in Your service and bring me to a place where my faith can flourish and I can be a better servant, for I am Your child, Your servant and Your disciple.

Here I am, Lord…

Your humble servant, through prayer and petition, awaiting Your call, please bless me with the wisdom to know, the ability to see and hear Your call and the faith to answer.