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Bless Me

Dear Lord,

I know that there are blessings too many to count that You would love to give me, and I know that I fail to come to You and ask for them because I limit myself. Please forgive me this day my weakness and fear and please shower on me the blessings I have not had the wisdom or courage to ask for, the blessings that You created just for me.

I know that You created me in Your image and that You have prepared for me a wonderful life and a personal destiny, I know too, Lord, that my weakness and my fear keeps me from that life, from the fullness of Your will. Forgive me, today, for staying in my small little world, for limiting myself and in so doing limiting Your glory. I pray for Your will in my life, to reflect You in all I do.

Please open Your heart to me this day, please be gracious to me, please use me, today, to carry Your blessings into the world I live in. Please expand my world to include all that You would have me see, please use me, mold me and strengthen me to be Your true disciple. Please bless me, Lord, so fully, that I can see Your hand as clearly as my own. Please bless me, and grant me confidence and assurance that You are with me, that the path I follow is the path You have laid out for me. Please use me and bless me in this journey, so that I can be called Your child. Please forgive me my hesitations, my doubts, my fears.

Bless me, expand my influence in Your service and bring me to a place where my faith can flourish and I can be a better servant, for I am Your child, Your servant and Your disciple.

Here I am, Lord…

Your humble servant, through prayer and petition, awaiting Your call, please bless me with the wisdom to know, the ability to see and hear Your call and the faith to answer.


Finally Friday

It is Friday, and I have made it through another week, of busy schedules, hectic running around, the chaos of everyday life has not controlled me or overtaken me, I am still on the path, the one I walk with Jesus on, the one that keeps me grounded and focused and moving forward, not meandering and backtracking and going nowhere. I am living forgiven and saved, I am living today secure in the knowledge that Christ is with me, the Holy Spirit is in me, and I am a child of God.

Dear Lord,

You have brought me through this week, saved, forgiven and washed anew each day. You have stayed true to me, listened to my prayers, guided me to a closer walk with You. You have shown to me Your will, have helped me to take those first steps toward a closer relationship with You. Thank You for this past week, for the blessings and gifts that you have placed in my life. Thank You for the people you have surrounded me with, those who will help me and those who I can help. Thank You for giving me the chance to serve you, for giving me the chance to do better, to be better. Please watch over me this weekend, keep me true to your path and mindful of the opportunities You place in my life to be Your disciple. Please remind me to put on the Armor of God each day, to walk with my eyes open and my senses focused, so that I can walk as Your sheep. In the name of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, I pray –


Thoroughly Thursday

I have almost made it through the week, I can see the weekend and the hope of rest and relaxation. I can see where I have been, what I have experienced this week, and I can see the hand of God there, guiding me, giving me chances to serve Him, lifting me up through the difficult moments and carrying me through the trials. I am renewed daily by the love and comfort of the Holy Spirit living in me, I am reminded daily of the great gift of salvation, given freely to me, through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross. I have spent time daily in prayer, reflection and reading the Bible. I am better today than I was on Monday, more focused on my true path, more aware of the hand of God guiding me. I am looking forward to what today will bring.

Dear Lord,

I am Your child, I am so thankful to be called Your child. I am walking in a better place, filled with the Holy Spirit. Please, do not allow me to falter, please keep me focused and true. Please, fill me with peace, to make my way in the world around me, while remembering that I am not of this world. I am an alien in a strange place, I do not truly belong here, but rather belong with You. Please fill me with greater wisdom, greater compassion, greater vision, so that I can better serve You, reflect You and live doing Your will. Please, allow me to be Your child, today and everyday, and please keep me, protect me, nourish me, and prepare me for the days ahead.


Wednesday Warrior

My regular week is half gone and still ahead, I am midway through the trail and I need strength and stamina for the days ahead. It is easy, after getting off to a good start to falter, to slow down or even stop. It is easy to sit down by the side of the road and give up, or ignore where I should be going, who I should be. My relationship is deeper, and yet I am easily tired. I need to be lifted up and to lift up He who waits on me. People some times refer to religion as a crutch, well, if a crutch is something that helps me along the way, that supports me when I am too tired to go on alone, or something that I can lean on anytime to keep moving; then yes, my faith is a crutch. My relationship with Christ is exactly that, a helping hand, supportive and strong, able to keep me moving when I can’t do it by myself. I have also heard other people say that religion is like a security blanket, yes, my relationship with Christ is often that as well. With Christ I am comforted, I am protected from the cold, I am held in a loving embrace, cuddled up and safe. Yes, Christ is my security blanket, He is my crutch, these are not put downs, they are compliments. I am not weak, when I am strong in my faith.

Dear Lord,

As I journey through this week, please remind me that You are there. Please let me feel Your loving embrace, feel Your supportive hand as You lift me from the side of the road. Please let me be comforted by Your warmth and love, and strengthened to continue on, to keep going, to be Who you see when You look at me. Please allow me to have the strength to stop fighting on my own, and to lean on You for the support you provide. Please allow me to set aside my ego and recognize my need. Please continue to fill me with the Holy Spirit, so that I can continue to reflect You to those around me. In the name of Jesus Christ, my heavenly savior –


Tuesday Today

Tuesday morning, and I am making it through the week. I try to stay focused on my faith journey, while trying to make it in this world, the two collide and clash so easily. How can I not get drawn into things I want to avoid, when the world is full of temptation? I must focus myself anew each day, come to the cross and kneel, let go of the things I want and focus on the will of God. Then, I am truly on my way. Then, I am a disciple, one who can be guided and who can be used as a guide for others. I must remind myself, not my will, but His will. Not my plan, but His plan. Not my life, but His life in me.

Dear Lord,

Please send Your Holy Spirit into me, guide my feet and focus my life on the work You have intended for me. Give me the clarity to see the world as You would have me see it, to set my goals and agenda based on eternity and not on the moment. Please fill me with Your peace, allow Your light to show to me the way I should go. Bring me through this day with better understanding and stronger faith and in a closer relationship with You.


Monday Prayer

So, the weekdays begin with Monday, and I easily lose sight of Sunday. The stresses of this world try to drown out the beauty of a world focused on Christ. In a hectic schedule, a life that hits the ground running, it is difficult to remember to slow down and focus on the path placed before me, not by the things of this world, but by the God who knows me, who created me and who has a plan for me, if I will just stay focused. So, today Lord, as Monday begins a new week full of stuff, I will pause, pray, and listen.

Dear Lord

We live in a world that is a swirling chaotic procession of activities and agendas that interfere from the true purpose, from our calling to be Your children. So, today, Lord, as a new week begins I pause and reflect on You, on Your message, on Your love. Please remind me, this week Lord, to spend time each day in Your book and in prayer and conversation with You. Please strengthen my resolve, to be a better disciple. Please let me see those moments that You have given me, to be a better child of God, to serve You and share with others the Good News. Please, let me know the sense of peace and satisfaction of being in close relationship with Your Son, Jesus Christ. Please let me be a place where the Holy Spirit can dwell and can use me to work Your will. Thank You, Lord, for Your love and compassion, for Your faithfulness and salvation, for calling me Your child. Please help me to live this week mindful of that calling.


Learning To Pray, Again

I remember the first prayer I ever learned, “Now I lay me down to sleep,” I am sure most people who have ever prayed know that one. It is the prayer of a child, it isn’t deep, but it gets the point across, it is scary to think of being alone at night in the dark, so I ask God to keep me, through the night, to bring me to the morning light, whole and rested, and if I should not see the new day, that I will be remembered as a child of God and taken home to be with Him. I used that prayer for a long time, I didn’t grow in my prayer life, I didn’t wander from the memorized lines, I didn’t know that prayer was a conversation with God, that I could say anything I wanted God to know. Yes, I know God already knows what I want to say, but He likes me to say it anyway.

At some point, I am not sure when, my prayer life changed, I was not happy with just praying some memorized formulaic prayer, I wanted to speak to God in my own voice, I wanted to tell Him that which I held dear in my heart, I wanted to open myself up by speaking the words that were in my head. I wanted to be honest with the One who already knows. I learned, through study and practice, that it isn’t enough to tell God what I want, I must also ask Him to make clear to me what He wants. To pray for the will of God to manifest itself in your life requires taking a good hard look at yourself. So, can I? Can I set myself aside, my pride, my ego and ask God to fill me up with His goodness, to work His will in my life, and once asked, can I answer the call He places on me, can I bend myself to His will, can I follow the path He lays out for me? This wasn’t a one time revelation or epiphany, it is an ongoing process, I still catch myself trying to assert my own will and losing sight of the will of God. I still allow my ego to get in the way, I still wander from the path. So, maybe I should start again, after all, faith is a series of short trips that all add up to a lifelong journey, it is a long voyage broken up into small legs. So, I will renew my mind and focus by praying each day. I will accept my failings and weaknesses, my brokenness and missteps and I will pray again, like it is the first time. I will talk to the Lord as if He didn’t know, so that I will have to be honest with Him, and in so doing, be honest with myself. I will see myself as I am, so that the Lord can send His Holy Spirit into me, to do the work He has set aside for me to do.

There are a ton of resources on-line and books that talk about prayer, explain the many ways to go about it. If you break down the Lord’s prayer you see a pattern to follow, when you pray you are not recording an outgoing message on your answering machine or voice-mail, you are speaking in the moment to your Heavenly Father. So, I will spend time each day in prayer. I will daily come to the foot of the cross (metaphorically) and kneel and pray. I will leave behind my excuses and my ego and I will come awash in my need for intervention, guidance and salvation and I will finish cleansed and renewed and ready for the day ahead.

I will do this, not to impress others, or to win something that hasn’t already been given, I will do this because it is too easy to forget the truth, it is too easy to begin to believe that I somehow deserve the gift of salvation, it is too easy to get in my own way. It is too easy to dismiss just what Christ did for me, to lose sight of the cross, of His blood there, of His last breath and His suffering. I will remind myself daily of my own need, of my own weakness and I will be strengthened by that reminder. I will ask the Holy Spirit to make within me a place where He can dwell, where He can set about working through me, daily. I will ask, for the Lord’s will to be shown to me, to be impressed upon me and to guide my foot steps as I walk this dusty path, and I will ask for the strength to continue on the path, even when it is rough or scary, or hard work.

Dear Lord, I am a broken cup, empty and flawed. I wander from Your ways, I place myself and the things of this world above You, I forget the price You paid, I lose sight of the cross. I am Your child, alone and frightened in the night, I fail to remember You. I do the things I should not, and I don’t do the things I should. I would lose hope if it were not for Your faithfulness. I know that my Lord Jesus Christ lived, and died for me. I am reminded when I kneel before the cross that it was never within my abilities to build the bridge, to conquer the evil in the world, to lift myself up from the mud. It has always been Your hand, outstretched and waiting, that has lifted me, that has led me and has saved me. I am thankful Lord for Your patience, Your love, Your forgiveness and the gift of salvation You give to me and to each of Your children. Please Lord, keep me mindful of my place in Your creation. Please Lord, remind me of the path You have laid before me. Please Lord, strengthen me for the battles ahead, give to me the wisdom I need to see the world as it is, the faith to keep fighting and to keep going even when it might seem that the fight is useless. Remind me that You will use all things for good, and that Your will is perfect. Please give me eyes that see, and ears that hear and a heart that is open to Your love, forgiveness and salvation. I want to be a cup that holds water, that can carry Your message out into the world, that can share with the thirsty the story of Your love and the message of the well You have provided us. I want to be a better disciple, a voice that is filled with Your message, a light not for my own purposes, but to help others to focus on You. I want this and so much more. Dear Lord, please use me today, and tomorrow, please keep me and shelter me, please guide me and fill me with Your Holy Spirit, please place Your loving hand on me and show to me that which You would have me see. In the name of Jesus Christ, Your Son and my Savior –


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