When I started this weight loss journey I was not ready to admit out loud, or in print, how much I weighed. I wasn’t ready to admit how out of control I had gotten, but as I near another milestone I suppose I should go back a little and really explain how I got to the point of changing everything in an effort to take back control of my life.

My scale said I weighed 283 pounds, you read that right, 283 pounds is a big number and one I never thought I would see on a scale when I stepped onto it. It had been a gradual process, but it had been happening and I knew it and did nothing but talk to myself about it for years. I had recently been on a trip where my weight working together with other factors had made me be the person that keeps everyone else from having fun. I couldn’t walk that far, my knees hurt, my back hurt, I was the reason we sat still. When I got home I realized that all the dreaming and talking about losing weight were never going to change me. The only thing that could change me was me, and I didn’t want to have surgery to lose weight, but I also didn’t want to have surgery because of some complication from being obese. So, I began to list my issues and hit the Internet and look for what I could do, and how I could get control of this thing. I made a lot of discoveries, some of which the science is still in debate, but I jumped in with both feet and made changes.

I mentioned that I cut out a bunch of stuff, you can go back to my earliest posts to see what I did there. What follows is a more detailed description of what I did, it is not medical advice and please do not take it as such. I am not trained in medicine, I have no expertise and don’t think anyone should just do what I did because it worked for me. I know my own body and mind pretty well, and through my research I decided to take some steps.

I came to the conclusion that I probably had Candida overgrowth, a somewhat controversial issue, if you read enough articles, but I went through them and decided that if indeed this was possible then I did have it. So, I took a supplement to kill off as much Candida as I could and I also began taking a good pro-biotic to replace the bad with good. I say good pro-biotic because I had taken a useless pro-biotic for years. The pro-biotic I take has over 30 billion live cultures, from at least 10 different strains and some are colony forming spores. It was time to take back control of my gut. I also began taking fiber supplements. I took the full dose of the Candida supplements for 2 full months and then 1/2 a dose for another 2 months. By then my diet was completely different and my work out routine was well into habit levels. I began taking a supplement that curbs appetite naturally, without any negative side effects. I also began taking a supplement that aids in digestion, which I continue to take. All of these supplements are plant based and there are no harsh chemicals in them. I did do a gentle colon cleanse early on and I did take a supplement to aid in kidney cleansing/health for a brief time. My thought there was that I had been pumping toxins into my body for years and as I worked on flushing those out of me I might want to help my garbage flushing systems recover as well.

I will say that within 24 hours of stopping all the junk food, and starting the supplements I had lost the desire for the junk. Within a week I could easily pass by my old favorites in the store and even bring them home for my son and not even be tempted. My system began to react almost instantly in other ways, for one, my weight loss that first month was amazing, and it has continued to drop at a steady rate. I began working out about 3 weeks after starting this process.

My diet is now made up of healthy options, I do eat fruit and veggies more, but I still eat lean meats and grains. My grains are healthier and more resembling their original form. I eat a lot more fish, as I live in the desert my fish tends to be in the sardine form, which I have found a couple of brands that are packed in tins with nothing but other sardines, and are responsibly caught and tasty. I also like salmon and have found a pouch version that is also responsibly caught, from safe waters and I buy the one serving in a pouch as I am the only one in the house who will eat it. It is great on a salad.

I continue on some of my supplements, the appetite suppressing supplement is still part of my routine as is the fiber, pro-biotic and digestive aid. I also drink a bunch of water and a cup of tea each day, with matcha tea mixed in for good measure and health benefits. I work out every day, something I look forward to now. I am different than I was when I weighed 283 pounds, I have lost over 80 pounds and am almost under 200 pounds, so close I can feel it. I will continue to lose weight and work out to get fit, I will not go back to the things that got me so big to begin with. I am happier than I was, I feel better and look better, not just thinner but I look better.

That is how I started this whole process, I didn’t mention brands because I am not recommending or suggesting these to anyone else, I just thought I should be honest about how I got this far.