It is far too easy when going about our daily lives, when mired in the minutia of our overstuffed calendar, while trying to multi-task to such a degree that we lose sight of what is important, to easily forget what matters most. Time is not our god, in fact, time does not even come into the equation. Our God is, was and will be, our God is constant and beyond the constraints of time. In the span of eternity, our lifetime is barely a blink of an eye. We lose sight of this because we prioritize based on our own desire, our own schedule, our own clock, but our time is not the same as God’s time. When we ask for something in prayer, we want the answer to be now, the direction to be clear now, not tomorrow and certainly not next week, month or year. The danger is when we look for the signs or answers in artificial places because we are in such a hurry that waiting can seem daunting, but waiting on the Lord is part of what we are working on. Learning to rely fully on God means waiting, patiently, for those answers, those nudges, those signs. God is not always in a hurry, and by His standard even being in a hurry might be a long time for us. Our lives are spent waiting, and yet we are not very good at it. Whether you are waiting for a good thing, the long anticipated arrival of a new child, the airplane to land and your loved one to walk through that door and into your arms, the walk down the aisle or the wait at the altar as she walks slower than you thought humanly possible. Maybe you are waiting for the results of a test that will determine the course your life will take. You might be waiting to hear from someone far away or to see someone in person, you might be waiting in line behind someone who has never seen the card reader at a grocery store and doesn’t know how to use it. Waiting for the phone to ring, for the other shoe to drop, for the letter in the mail, or the text to come through. Let’s face it, we spend a lot of time waiting, we should be great at it, and yet, when it matters most, in matters of faith we lose patience, we want the answer now, and so often when we get the answer we are not paying attention to the details and so miss the signs. We are so busy filling every moment of our lives with stuff that we forget to focus on what is important. God has all the time in the universe, but we do not, and He not only understands but knows all too well how limited our time is, but He will not be rushed for our convenience, His plans are set and they will unfold in His time.

God is, was and will be, He is eternal, He is limitless, He is not bound to our rules of time, but He still wants our time, He still wants us to give to Him quality and quantity time, He still wants to be important enough to us to make our schedules, to be our focus, to be worth waiting for. We are heading into Christmas week, anyone who has ever had a child, or waited for one to be born should understand the anticipation, the excitement, the overwhelming urge to see the baby now, but we must wait, a baby will be born when it is time, even with the convenience of modern medicine, a baby cannot be rushed and can always surprise you and change your plans. We are about to celebrate the birth of our Savior, the birth of a baby who was born just to save us, just to bridge the gap, just to answer our prayers, so shouldn’t we focus on Him a little more and on our “other stuff” a little less? Can we make this Christmas about Christ, can we turn to God in patience and celebration and await the birth of His Son with Him? God is, was and will be, He is eternal, His time is not our time, but for a short time, the span of a young man’s life, God did limit His time to match ours, He did walk the days away serving us, protecting us, teaching us, promising us, working miracles and saving us. For a time, a brief time when you measure it, God did walk in our shoes, He did live within the confines of time as we understand, so He does understand us, He does know how hard it is for us to wait, for us to see the signs when we are so hurried, so stressed. God is, was and will be, we just have to be patient.

Dear Lord, 

Thank You so much for being patient with me, even as I often forget to be patient for Your will to express itself in my life. I know that You are eternal, that You are good and will work all things to Your will, and yet I lose focus and fail to listen, to see, to wait. I pray Lord that You will continue to bless me, that You will continue to guide me, that You will continue as you have from the beginning, I know that You are a God who loves me, that You have always been a God who loves me, and that You will always be a God who loves me, I am so thankful for that love, for that eternal promise, that gift that knows no end. As I look forward to celebrating Christmas Lord, I pray that you continue to bless me, continue to walk with me and continue to join me in the waiting. 

In the name of Jesus Christ, Your precious Son and my Savior, I praise and thank You – Amen