So, the weekdays begin with Monday, and I easily lose sight of Sunday. The stresses of this world try to drown out the beauty of a world focused on Christ. In a hectic schedule, a life that hits the ground running, it is difficult to remember to slow down and focus on the path placed before me, not by the things of this world, but by the God who knows me, who created me and who has a plan for me, if I will just stay focused. So, today Lord, as Monday begins a new week full of stuff, I will pause, pray, and listen.

Dear Lord

We live in a world that is a swirling chaotic procession of activities and agendas that interfere from the true purpose, from our calling to be Your children. So, today, Lord, as a new week begins I pause and reflect on You, on Your message, on Your love. Please remind me, this week Lord, to spend time each day in Your book and in prayer and conversation with You. Please strengthen my resolve, to be a better disciple. Please let me see those moments that You have given me, to be a better child of God, to serve You and share with others the Good News. Please, let me know the sense of peace and satisfaction of being in close relationship with Your Son, Jesus Christ. Please let me be a place where the Holy Spirit can dwell and can use me to work Your will. Thank You, Lord, for Your love and compassion, for Your faithfulness and salvation, for calling me Your child. Please help me to live this week mindful of that calling.