So, I hit my half-way point in my weight loss journey, and went a little beyond, and that means I needed some new clothes. I have bought a couple of items as I have been going along, but when you lose 75 pounds you discover that a lot of your once baggy clothes are now falling off of you when you walk. I am buying clothes that are flattering, no longer wearing clothes that are baggy and so fail to compliment, but also not going for a tight fit that shows off every curve I have yet to curb. This of course means that I am going to be shopping for new clothes a number of times as I go through the process, that is why I am only buying a few items at a time.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of finally shopping in an area other than the plus size zone for the first time in years, while I am still an XL size, I am closing in on large. It was exciting to try on new clothes and realize that I had indeed lost enough weight to see the difference in the mirror. I still have a long way to go, but I claim the small victory of moving from one area of the store to another.

My mom thinks I should write a book when this is all done, and maybe I will. I continue to read articles and discover that what I seemed to figure out on my own is backed up by the most recent research and science. I am still doing this my way, I work out every day and watch what I eat, I am not inclined to add back into my life those things that I know are my weaknesses, not because I am still weak, but because they don’t add anything positive to the mix, and they have the potential of messing everything up. I am already a new me, on the way to who I will be when I am fit. As I change clothing sizes I notice that I too have changed, no longer tempted by the things that used to call my name. So, I am half-way there, and moving on with purpose and focus. I am heading into the first holiday season in a long time where I will not be obese, munching on sweets and baked goodies, and grazing at the buffet table. I don’t need to do that anymore, I don’t need to wear baggy clothes, so that people can’t tell if I have gained a little weight, because I haven’t. I don’t need to wear baggy clothes anymore, hiding my true size behind the curtains that I called clothes. I have owned my weight issues, I have owned my issues with food and my lack of exercise, and I have changed them. I still have weight issues, but I am taking control and changing the rules. I feel like I have conquered my food issues, and am moving in the right direction, eating better and less, and for all the right reasons. I am exercising every day, and so feel that I have taken control of that aspect of my health as well, I move more and with purpose every day, and I feel so much better for it.

I am ready, to be a new me, and now I have some new clothes to go along with it, for the first time in years I enjoyed shopping for clothes.