When the clock strikes twelve and a new year begins a lot of people have grand ideas about how this year will be their year. They will write that novel, lose that weight, find that love, cut those strings, leave behind their bad habits and poor choices and pick up good habits, make good choices. But, why, what is so magical about the stroke of midnight that makes people believe that every bad thing will be set aside and life will instantly be better? Or to go further, why then do we wake up on January 1 and expect all the things we promised ourselves the night before to have suddenly come to pass with no effort or attention on our part. New Years sets us up for failure all too often, as we see it as a line in the sand, here I am, tomorrow I will be on that side of the line and I will find the courage, strength, drive, ambition, whatever it is I need to make my dreams come true. Then we sleep in on January first, often sleeping off a night of drinking and we wake up groggy and wondering why our lives haven’t changed.

This year can be different, this year can see those promises made to ourselves come into being, but only if we do them. Only if in faith we step forward and do what needs to be done. We can lose the weight, maybe write the novel, it is harder than some people think, we can leave behind the things that we know are no good for us, we can improve our relationships, we can be better people. We have to really want it though. We have to spend the time and energy, and we have to have the faith that with Christ all things are possible. We have to accept that we might need a little divine intervention on occasion, we need to pray, and pray some more and rely on God and the people who God places in our lives.

Jesus told us to ask, seek, knock. So, maybe we should be doing that. This year I will daily knock on the door and invite Jesus to join me on the journey, to come along with me, to be beside me, to go before me, to surround me and strengthen me, to keep me on the right path. This year I will seek out the opportunities He places in my life to serve Him and His people, I will seek out the path He would have me walk, I will seek His will for my life, and in seeking, I will find and I just might write that novel or book, if that is His plan for my life. This year I will be bolder, I will ask for what I want, I will ask for guidance, I will ask for blessings, I will ask for help, I will ask. When the clock strikes twelve every night, a new day begins, and this year I will see each new day as a new chance to be who I am meant to be, and I will not worry about yesterday, and I will not worry about tomorrow, and I will not worry, because I will once again knock and invite Christ to walk with me, each day. I do not have a New Year’s resolution, I have a daily resolution, a new day resolve, a new view of life, each day is a blessing, and I will walk through this year in that knowledge.


Dear Lord, 

Please bless me today and every new day with renewed faith and hope, with renewed focus and ambition to be Yours. Bless me with the gifts necessary to do Your will, to follow the path You have placed before me. Remind me daily to knock, and invite you to come along with me, to seek Your will, to ask for your blessings. Remind me that each day is a new day, a new chance, a new moment, and bless me in those days, in those moments, in the path, so that I will be who You want me to be, who You are making me into. In the name of Jesus Christ, my Savior and Your blessed Son –