Psalm 23 says: The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

Now, when I accept that the Lord is my shepherd, then I accept that I am a sheep. I am helpless and totally dependent, like a newborn child, I can do nothing for myself. Without my shepherd, I am lost, there is no hope. With my shepherd, I am safe; He will protect me and guide me, because He loves me.

I am such a lucky sheep; for my shepherd knows me and He never rests. My shepherd will never falter, never take a day off and He knows what is to come. My shepherd wants me to follow Him, He is patient, caring, gentle and loving, and He will always be there. My shepherd knew me before I was born, watched my first steps, my first words, my childhood unfolded as He knew it would. My shepherd watched me grow up, and He has continued to watch me. He has given everything to be my shepherd, and all He asks is for me to call Him my shepherd.

All I need to do is accept that I am His sheep and that He is my shepherd.

“The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.”

What can I want that God has not given me?

What can I buy that is worth more?

What can I win that is greater than what is given to me?

With God I have everything I need. God gives me life and He saves me. God breathed life into me, knowing that I would need Him to save me from myself. He chose me to be His child; He watches me and forgives me over and over again. He knows I will stumble and stumble, yet He is always there to lift me up. He carries me through.

All I need, He is. Joy, beauty and salvation, He provides those. He does not want me to pay for those gifts, but to pray for those gifts. If I focus my wants, God will be all I want. God wants me to feel loved. He wants me to feel saved and safe.

“The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want”

The Lord is my shepherd, He will protect me, love me. He did all this before my birth, He did through my childhood, He has all my life and will when I leave here. Why? Because, the Lord is my shepherd.

I need to remember that I am a sheep. Only my shepherd can lead me and He wants to. He wants me to follow Him to the place that He has prepared for me. When I follow Him, I will find the grass is softer and safer. He will always watch over me. He wants me to rest in Him. I cannot find my own way, it is when I try that I find difficulty and pain.

His way is the only true path, I must be careful to keep my eyes on Him and not fall into just following the sheep around me. I must remember, I am a sheep and the people around me, they are sheep too. Sheep cannot find their own way; they need to follow the Good Shepherd. Many people will try to convince me that they too are shepherds. There is only one shepherd and I must look for Him, I must keep my eyes on Him if I am to reach the green pasture. I must remember not to follow other sheep, because they might be lost sheep.

Dear Lord,

Please help me to remember I am a sheep, allow me to find the humility to let go and trust in Your love and guidance. Please help me to stay true to the one true shepherd and to avoid falling in behind those sheep who have lost their way or who believe they know better than You. Please strengthen me for the paths ahead, and help me to more clearly see where You are leading me, remind me to be patient and mindful of the path I follow, and to never forget that I am Your sheep. May Your will ever be my focus.