So, hitting 70 pounds is a huge deal, and yet I know I cannot stop or even pause, I am not quite half-way there, I still have a long way to go, and while now the habits are set and so it does not feel so much like work as it does like who I am, I know that the weight loss will not get easier or quicker from here on out. So, I rededicate myself, I imagine the next ten pounds, and the ten after that, but I focus on the next one, I will work everyday to lose one more pound, and then I will work to lose the next one.

I continue to do Zumba, with hand weights, to help my arms. I am also still logging all my food and drinks, I am happy that the weather is turning cooler and so I can walk up to the store for a couple of items instead of always driving, although, if I am getting a lot of things I still have to drive. I am still eating less than I once did, and what I eat is always considered for what it is giving me, not just to fill a need or to curb boredom. I am getting better at stopping just before I am full, instead of eating until I am full, so I am not feeling bloated or stuffed. I am heading into the holiday season, a season that in the past has been filled with goodies and large meals and stuffing myself, forget the turkey… but this year it will be different. I will eat less and still focus on the quality of my food. This year I will be more active, continuing to work out daily and to move in the right direction. This year I will not be baking a bunch of cookies and other goodies, but I am making my own body wash/shampoo and my own moisturizers and other personal items, and while I will not be giving away as many home made items as I have in the past, my kitchen still gets messed up with measuring spoons and cups, with mixing bowls and other things. I am looking forward to being able to move about, to get outside and enjoy the cooler weather, to feel better about myself. This is why I am doing this, so that I can live a different kind of life, one where I feel better, where I am healthy and active and moving, one where I can once again get out there