I have almost made it through the week, I can see the weekend and the hope of rest and relaxation. I can see where I have been, what I have experienced this week, and I can see the hand of God there, guiding me, giving me chances to serve Him, lifting me up through the difficult moments and carrying me through the trials. I am renewed daily by the love and comfort of the Holy Spirit living in me, I am reminded daily of the great gift of salvation, given freely to me, through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross. I have spent time daily in prayer, reflection and reading the Bible. I am better today than I was on Monday, more focused on my true path, more aware of the hand of God guiding me. I am looking forward to what today will bring.

Dear Lord,

I am Your child, I am so thankful to be called Your child. I am walking in a better place, filled with the Holy Spirit. Please, do not allow me to falter, please keep me focused and true. Please, fill me with peace, to make my way in the world around me, while remembering that I am not of this world. I am an alien in a strange place, I do not truly belong here, but rather belong with You. Please fill me with greater wisdom, greater compassion, greater vision, so that I can better serve You, reflect You and live doing Your will. Please, allow me to be Your child, today and everyday, and please keep me, protect me, nourish me, and prepare me for the days ahead.