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Tuesday Today

Tuesday morning, and I am making it through the week. I try to stay focused on my faith journey, while trying to make it in this world, the two collide and clash so easily. How can I not get drawn into things I want to avoid, when the world is full of temptation? I must focus myself anew each day, come to the cross and kneel, let go of the things I want and focus on the will of God. Then, I am truly on my way. Then, I am a disciple, one who can be guided and who can be used as a guide for others. I must remind myself, not my will, but His will. Not my plan, but His plan. Not my life, but His life in me.

Dear Lord,

Please send Your Holy Spirit into me, guide my feet and focus my life on the work You have intended for me. Give me the clarity to see the world as You would have me see it, to set my goals and agenda based on eternity and not on the moment. Please fill me with Your peace, allow Your light to show to me the way I should go. Bring me through this day with better understanding and stronger faith and in a closer relationship with You.


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