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Wednesday Warrior

My regular week is half gone and still ahead, I am midway through the trail and I need strength and stamina for the days ahead. It is easy, after getting off to a good start to falter, to slow down or even stop. It is easy to sit down by the side of the road and give up, or ignore where I should be going, who I should be. My relationship is deeper, and yet I am easily tired. I need to be lifted up and to lift up He who waits on me. People some times refer to religion as a crutch, well, if a crutch is something that helps me along the way, that supports me when I am too tired to go on alone, or something that I can lean on anytime to keep moving; then yes, my faith is a crutch. My relationship with Christ is exactly that, a helping hand, supportive and strong, able to keep me moving when I can’t do it by myself. I have also heard other people say that religion is like a security blanket, yes, my relationship with Christ is often that as well. With Christ I am comforted, I am protected from the cold, I am held in a loving embrace, cuddled up and safe. Yes, Christ is my security blanket, He is my crutch, these are not put downs, they are compliments. I am not weak, when I am strong in my faith.

Dear Lord,

As I journey through this week, please remind me that You are there. Please let me feel Your loving embrace, feel Your supportive hand as You lift me from the side of the road. Please let me be comforted by Your warmth and love, and strengthened to continue on, to keep going, to be Who you see when You look at me. Please allow me to have the strength to stop fighting on my own, and to lean on You for the support you provide. Please allow me to set aside my ego and recognize my need. Please continue to fill me with the Holy Spirit, so that I can continue to reflect You to those around me. In the name of Jesus Christ, my heavenly savior –


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